Gavdos, our other Kastellorizo

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The EEZ issue doesn't only highlight the importance of Kastellorizo, but of every acritic island of Greece. One of these important cases is Gavdos as well.
With Gavdos only Libya is actually involved, due to geography.
Only that in actual fact, the case of Kastellorizo ​​with Turkey, affects the case of Gavdos with Libya as well.
The idea is quite simple.
The passive stance in the first issue has repercussions in the second.
Since the questioning of one causes the challenge to the validity of the other, we could think about the problem in reverse, and start studying the problem of Gavdos, in order for it to have an impact on that of Kastellorizo.
Because the positions of Turkey and Libya are not strictly symmetrical.
While Turkey is negative towards everything in the Aegean, Libya accepts the EEZ of Crete.
Consequently, if we follow our general strategy through the games theory, we shouldn't focus on a diplomatic confrontation, and to open up to the countries which have a more positive attitude towards us.
Consequently, the case of Gavdos offers initially more possibilities.
Additionally, with the same data, as far as the state of affairs in Libya is concerned, the field is more conducive for more moves, and more flexible ones at that.
Because even if there is an intermediate situation, this is no longer so straightforwardly de facto, and can no longer be so definite.
For those who believe that the issue of Gavdos is an insignificant one, then it's enough to wonder why it is important for Libya, and the answer is simple, it regards both the region, as well as the size of the region.
Gavdos may ​​only be 29 square kilometers in total, and to be situated only 26 nautical miles south of the city of Sfakia, yet again its her own endless blue which causes concern.
The explanation is not difficult.
The EEZ is not merely concerning the length, due to the 200 NM, as most assume.
The essence of the EEZ is the acreage.
Therefore, the contribution of Gavdos through the middle line, isn't only half of the 26 NM. In actual fact, it's regarding an entire front with this thickness.
So when we know, how important the oil activity is in this region, then we fully understand the magnitude of the problem.
It's enough to now recall the negotiations between Cyprus and Egypt, in order for us to devise practically the value of the median line as per the defining of the boundaries of the EEZ's.
All these elements relate to the context of the case, but we can't examine the action field, without referring to the problem of the economic activity.
Indeed all these elements indicate, not only how important the support of the economic activity of Gavdos must be, but also the investments which should take place on this island. Maintaining a declining situation is insufficient.
In order for the EEZ issue to have a future,and for the negotiation context to be dynamic, we must invest in our people in Gavdos.

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