The Mykonization of Castelorizo

N. Lygeros

Translation: Paola Vagioni

The title may constitute a linguistic barbarity at present but it answers several concerns by people who love the island and who do not want to remain inactive. The cards sent to Castelorizo, but also the whole support that this effort received from the Greek blogs is important. Because it proves that the Greek people pay attention to some matters when they realize that they are on a critical phase. More important yet is the evolution of the attempt, since we were informed that there are many who want to go there for vacation and to organize events. Indeed the physical presence values even more the people who are on the island because Castelorizo is not mere space. However, on a more practical level, technical solutions must also take place. Under which notion? Under the notion of viability. It is not sufficient to think about the inhabitants of Castelorizo. They do not only have the right to survive but also to live as free citizens. This means that they must have adequacy. Even if the island has restricted potentials this does not signify that solutions do not exist. And here comes the example of Mykonos. The special location of this island is neither geographical nor climatic, in essence it is the repercussion of pure human influence on space via time. Castelorizo can naturally operate as an extension of Rhodes, as Gavdos is with Crete. But the most efficient approach is to constitute an attractor due to rarity. This transformation gives more possibilities to the people of Castelorizo and this does not come into conflict with the size of the island. In the Internet age it is not distances that matter but connections. The creation of a center at the edges changes all the facts.

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