Monologue on genocide

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Who can afford the existence of genocide? Silence. No one! Time. But then who? Time. The monsters! Yes, they can… Since they afford all human injustices… Why not the inhumane as well? Right, why not… Besides, do we need them for anything else? Time. Of course not… as long as they resist beasts and save the humans… But, is this a life? Who could bear it? Silence. No one! Time. And what about joy? Pause. They are not meant for this… They don’t share pain, so, why to share joy. Joy is humane, isn’t it. They aren’t in need of this. Their existence derives from the necessity. If individuals weren’t the power of the system, if beasts weren’t the tools of the system, who would find monsters useful? Silence. No one! Time. Just a question… Now, that I’m thinking it over; now that I am alone, now that I have no family, how have I managed to become human? Who helped me? Did I become by myself? I wish I could say this with certainty… Yes, I wish… Was it the monsters? Time. But, these, too, how…no! Pause. Why? Time. Yes, why? Monsters are like that from the beginning. They are born monsters. To help the humans… And why? Why? Silence. What’s the real reason for this role? What? I don’t know, sincerely, I don’t know… Silence. Unless… Time. Unless, it’s the humanity. Then everything is explained.

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