Our duty, the protection of innocent people

N. Lygeros

The american attack in Syria against war structures is an answer to the barbarity. The message is clear: don't use banned weapons. We are not following any russian perspective in this field. And even if some persons think that US missile strikes must not be repeated, they have to acknowledge that they were informed. So the problem is now more clear. War game is not war. And even war has ethics. In this paradoxical deontology many of us are confused but the reality has been cleared by the international law. This is just the beginning of a process in which even North Korea is concerned. The idea is rather simple. For barbarity, words are not sufficient and Mankind needs acts. In Game Theory all the players are rational. But in this case, all the players are not rational. This means that we are in fact in Power Theory. So, we have to stop with an efficient way irrational players and even teach them some principles of great strategy because very often they know only tactics. The american way is a lateral attack based on a lateral thinking because the target was not only in Syria. The attack informs also the big players like Russia and China that there are some rules and that some games are forbidden. So, indirect coalitions have to control more precisely their players especially if their behavior is insane in the framework of the United Nations. Because someone will do his duty in any case.

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