Why so much fury against faith?

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When we historically examine what had occurred in totalitarian regimes, we observe that the issue of faith bothered so intensely, that they always wanted to control it, in a direct, or an indirect manner, ie, from banning it, to the writing of a new program which was formed in order to impose a new way of thinking, which had always nihilism as its base, and the degradation of the past, so that the present would come across as the beginning of the world. This is the mental scheme which breaks the roots.
In other words, they wanted the future to begin merely from their present.
They didn't know of course, that the future only derives from the past. And whoever hasn't got a past, has no future.
The other point which is interesting, is that they all thought that they were immortal due to this technique, yet they finally died, even when they tried to protect themselves committing genocides.
That aside, there are still people who follow these ideologies of nihilism because they haven't lived closely the horror of all these systems.
Therefore, they're trying in their own way to kill Time, betting on the dominance of the void.
But nihilism is powerful only through its acceptance.
Only those who accept the unacceptable think that it is powerful.
History, which can not be by nature radical, continues its course with those who resist these systems.
Hellenism belongs to those who resist these systems.
As for the path of light, Christ indicated it.
Those who believe will continue on, and will be here even afterwards, whatever the system's program may be.

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