Terrorism in Greece

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Many are under the impression that because we do nothing, as a result, we will not have problems associated with terrorism, but the forget some basic elements.
Other countries were under the same impression, and saw the results, which were amongs the worst, merely because they were not prepared.
Because there are not associated arrests, they assume that terrorists don't exist, even though we know that they pass through us as a matter of necessity.
The inefficiency in obtaining information does not mean that there is no information as such.
There's talk about friendship where there is trafficking and direction.
They forget that at our borders, there's is huge passage of people, who due to volume, could meet the "requirements" of terrorist movements.
Neutrality doesn't offer options, because, it itself is considered hostile by the terrorists, even though it's inactive.
Inaction is not a strategy and apathy is not a defense.
As for indifference, that is easily converted into danger.
By transforming a strategic problem to a humanitarian one, we are hiding behind our finger and hope that others will not see us.
This childish approach not only would be a fruitless efford, but we know it could be easily transformed into danger for our homeland.
The contacts made at an international level are so superficial, that they retransform us to a target.
Consequently we leave the entire initiative to others, as we are convinced that we will make it by making no move whatsoever.
In actual fact we merely hope that the terrorist attacks will not effect us, only that we'll understand that we were wrong when it will be too late.

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