The ordeals of the Greek people must come to an end

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The ordeals of the Greek people must come to an end.
Enough with the unstable situation without perspectives.
People in great numbers were deceived, with negotiations which were not progressing, because they were covering up for others which didn't conclude, thank God.
This mockery can not continue, since even the most naive realized, that there is absolutely nothing there to follow, due to ignorance, sciolism and irrelevance.
Because it's not enough to talk, in order for you to have good arguments which can convince others, and a government is not formed merely through elections.
The negotiations should have taken place, led by a national team, where the political parties would have played a collective role through the cooperation if synergy was absent.
In what's to follow, we must have people who have knowledge, and act responsibly, because the developments in regards to our country are continuing.
There are important files which must finally be opened.
There are issues that must finally be closed.
There are prospects which should become reality.
For all these, a miserable and bureaucratic approach is not enough.
A dynamic approach is needed, which we haven't seen in a long time, and which will virtually take the initiatives, not for appearances sake alone, but for our homeland.
We all now know that there are prospects in Greece, but we must simply obtain a government that knows how to manage them in an effective way, as we no longer have the luxury for sloppiness and micro scams.
The range of Greece, exceeds that of any political party, whichever that may be.
What the Greek nation wants is firstly stability, and then a development context, in order to finally obtain recovery.
The Greek people do not want to depart from the European Union or the Eurozone themselves, as they know exactly what the outcome of this version would be.
What they want is not to suffer any longer, and this is not possible with those inexperienced in crisis management, they need people who know what are national standards.

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