Strategy has no morals

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Strategy has no morals as it is merely a tool.
That does not mean ofcourse that it has no intelligence.
In other words, do not expect anything from others, if you can't help yourself.
The point is to be trustworthy because then you know how to manage difficult situations.
We are not interested in your words, if they don't have a practical impact.
That's how it's the man with his humanity, which creates a humane strategy, when he indeed wants to help his own, and does not expect it from his own strategy.
What's proper therefore, is for you to add the moral element to strategy.
In this manner you act rationally and Hellenic, because then you are within the context of Hellenism.
Your durability alone, will allow you to make a difference in difficult circumstances, even when they all believe that it's impossible.
The course of Hellenism in regards to the Greek EEZ is clear and we are talking about 1.7 trillion euros for the total value of the deposits.
The course of Hellenism in regards to the Greek zeolite is also clear and we are talking about 300 billion euros.
It is important to keep this data in mind, in order to understand that we have prospects for the future and we only need to solve the current problems locally.
Consequently, we should support it in a serious manner and not with scam tricks that are understood by any expert on the subject.
The management of the matter does not concern any political party, otherwise it would be criminal for our country.
The issue is national, and only in this context it makes sense in regards to high strategy. Strategy now needs determination and rationality, and not somersault like actions, which are changing every now and then.
The stability and durability are parameters which play an important role for a homeland, which has timeless data and lives on for eons.
The issue therefore is, to what extent do we actually want to be active and not wait passively for the solving of the problem.
The role of the initiative belongs to us, as long as we want to implement our strategy.

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