Barbarian hunters

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Without been anywhere, they had to be everywhere,
without a rest, always on the voyage of Time.
The dilatation was of a commando nature to begin with,
because every mission took the baton
in order for the next game on the chessboard to continue.
Like the queen, their movements had
simultaneously the properties of the tower and the bishop.
With the passing of Time, they altered the chessboard
in order to create the network's castles.
In order to withstand for two centuries-and maybe more
they built structures on a growing superstructure,
as does also the skeleton of the structural shell.
It was not enough merely to win a battle,
since the substance was for them to remain standing
for also any future ones, and for centuries on.
So they began the hunting of barbarism,
They did not expect it, but they were deteriorating
its infrastructure, with their superstructure.
They had transformed the desert into a night sea,
because they always followed the starlight.
And when the crescent appeared, they ate it
from one end to the other, without mercy,
because they knew that, that is how they protected the pilgrims
which continued over the intersections
that they had created with their ramifications.
Their network had spread like a net
over the fragmented sea of stone.
And their vessels were the armor
which were sailing as crosses in the sea,
since they followed the will of necessity.
So, in each conflict they left their traces
for the next, so they wouldn't be forgotten
nor by their own, or by their enemies.

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