The quadriform script

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The problem was when faith was becoming a religion.
This is what the history of Humanity taught .
Who read the quadriform script?
They all said that they believed, while they were simply religious.
They didn't pay attention, they just followed.
But there was no following without a reason.
And this reason required intelligence.
Likewise did Armouris Song .
It entailed indications, where most could only see
an old text.
Yet again, its oral tradition was even older.
The manuscripts of the song were in St. Petersburg
and Constantinople.
That wasn't accidental also.
But who knew it though?
It was a mission objective in each case.
The campaign of the young Byzantine warrior was an example.
The tasks were necessary for the liberation.
The exceedances were necessary for the captivity.
All lead to the Occupied territories.
And if the text spoke of Saracens, the mental scheme
was the same.
It was again an attempt aimed at the extinction
of the nation of the Cross.
Never before had they noticed the importance of the cross
and the teleology that it gave to the king.
Its value did not derive from its existence, but
from its role in Christianity.
So did the King, they thought.
Then they combined the litourgy in Hagia Sophia with
the ritual of the batch.
From the sixth century it existed for the future.
They had read "The Buildings of Procopius".
And now in their minds came the idea, that the same
historian had written not only "wars"
but even, "Secret History".
Every element took its place.
Only that, the combination was always different.
It was a reminder of Archimedes "Stomachion" .
And its combinational complexity.
The chessboard with the new teaching was an opening
which gave birth to ideas
He was right therefore.
The coding had begun.
And the disciples could better comprehend their role.
It had transformed them into fighters of Time.
The aid of the aid acquired another meaning.
It wasn't radical, as there was continuity.
It was innovative.

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