Two chapters

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Two chapters.
Two pages.
The first for the future, the second for the past.
Simultaneously on the same sheet.
Two heads, one eagle.
The same mental scheme.
The Chameleon had changed form.
The library was enriched.
It was enlightened but had simultaneously
the elements of a basilica.
He examined the two-headed eagle
in a different manner
It was no longer of the space.
It didn't watch over East and West.
It saw the Past and the Future.
Multiplicity of Time.
It wasn't a point
but a node
which became
a link.
In the realm of the Cross
and the sword of Hellenism.
It wasn't a pawn or a piece.
But a player, a strategist.
The chessboard was empty.
But it had a vacant point.
It would've definitely surprised the enemies.
The circular form aside.
The pawns and the pieces would be the same.
Same rules.
Other action field.
Due to the context.
That's where it would record the mental schemes that would cross
the dark centuries, in order to point out to the path of light.
It mentally sliced the chessboard.
Without adding colours.
It would've been only the colour of the invisible.
The colour of the Chameleon.
Everywhere and nowhere.
Everywhere for strategy, nowhere for tactics.
Invisible and Visible.
It would hide nothing.
The key would only be intelligence.
The selection of players would be exclusive,
with this mental criterion.
Each point of the cycle will have the same value.
All different, but with no difference.
Never contrary, always complementary.
Liberation link.

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