The struggle of continuity

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The goal is not visible when we are within a strategic context, because this is solely how the mental scheme of counterattack functions.
There is no need to examine merely what's visible, but on the contrary, to focus on the invisible which follows, in order to get prepared effectively and rationally.
Without this preparation, the movements don't turn into actions and the results are temporary.
In Greece, what leaves works behind, is only the intertemporal, rather than the ephemeral which is in fashion.
The irreversible moves which constitute the actions, when they are not planned, do not create a constructive context, but disasters, that we have seen in the crimes against Humanity.
Our resistance does not stop when the enemy appears, we have not forgotten the legendary: No pasaran!
We can not allow ourselves the acceptance of misery, because it always ends up in authoritarian systems, which offer nothing more than sorrow and pain.
The Greek nation knows how to fight under adverse conditions, without giving up, without kneeling.
And now it is ready again, because it knows that it has to its avail, the endless blue of the Greek EEZ.
Our common task does not derive from insignificant entities, but from our people, whom, with their thinking they have created other conditions and other prospects.
We are what we think, and not what they want to impose upon us. We believe and we continue to relentlessly fight, because that's how Hellenism lives on, and Greece doesn't perish.

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