The unacceptables of partisanship

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The unacceptables of partisanship are obvious on national issues, because that enables the servile to be expressed and to be identified in a clear manner. Therefore, when we hear statements regarding the Greek EEZ, the marine plots, the zeolite, the innovations, we must be very careful, because details are manifested which are very important for the future of our nation. So, there are not mere statements, but indications to which we must pay great attention, in order to deal with them effectively.
Because strategy is not tactics, and we must be prepared to cope with the challenges of partisanship, since some believe in it, and they may get carried away without the possibility of returning, since it is possible to have an irreversible action against Greece.
In other words, there are mistakes that are unacceptable and are not permissible in the political field, where they are able to apply them without us being able to intervene.
Therefore, when we have statements from political party henchman, who are unable to recognize the importance of a national task, we must contradict them without hesitation, before they can have an impact on people who do not comprehend the subject and think that this is regarding something serious.
Because servility is based on oblivion and indifference in order to be established, but it can not be resistant to knowledge. Therefore, the national issues are protected simply because of intelligence and thought, based on the strategy and high strategy at that.

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